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    210104 - Melody's Piano 4-7

    This course will introduce children to the world of music through various music skills such as singing, ear-training, keyboard playing, rhythm ensemble, and reading music. Let's have fun!

    Equipment Note: MAM provides full-sized digital keyboard for each family to use in class.

    Note: Materials fee of $45 due first day.

    Required: Parents must attend with their children.

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    Add to Cart210104-01Melody's Piano 4-709/21/20 - 10/26/20 5:00PM - 5:45PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart210104-02Melody's Piano 4-710/11/20 - 11/15/2010:00AM - 10:45AMSuItem Details
    Add to Cart210104-03Melody's Piano 4-710/24/20 - 11/28/20 2:00PM - 2:45PMSaItem Details

    210105 - Group Violin Lessons

    Try the violin! Suzuki method is combined with Western teaching methods to provide a strong foundation for playing this sophisticated instrument. Students learn to read notes and become familiar with rhythm and music theory.

    Note: Materials fee of $45 due first day and includes 6-week violin rental. Material fee is $25 if student has own violin.

    Equipment Note: Melody's Academy of Music provides a violin for each family to use in class.

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    Add to Cart210105-01Group Violin Lessons10/04/20 - 11/08/2012:00PM - 12:45PMSuItem Details

    210106 - Melody's Online Practice Partn

    This Online Practice Program will provide your children with 6 one-to-one LIVE practices with a professional music teacher. Your child will practice their skills and you will never have to argue with your children again when it comes to practice!

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    Add to Cart210106-01Melody's Online Prac10/06/20 - 11/10/20 6:00PM - 6:25PMTuItem Details

    210112 - Group Guitar Beg 6-13

    This is a beginnerís class for kids. Focus will be on learning basic skills and techniques for the instrument. No former musical knowledge required.

    Equipment Note: Please bring your own guitar or contact the instructor to rent one.

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    Add to Cart210112-01Group Guitar Beginne10/10/20 - 11/14/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMSaItem Details

    210810 - Halloween Window Painting

    The City of Los Altos Recreation and Community Services Department will be sponsoring the Hallow-Window Family Painting event in cooperation with LAVA (Los Altos Village Association).
    There have been a few changes due to COVID-19. For more information, please visit our website:

    Space is limited, please register for you spot on 9/14/2020.
    Window Painting Days, Times, Dates: Thursday & Friday (10/15-10/16) 3:00pm to 5:00pm, Saturday, October 17 from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

    Send in your pics of art work on Sunday, October 18 by 5:00pm to

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    Add to Cart210810-01Hallow-Window Family10/15/20 - 10/18/20VariesVariesItem Details

    210902 - Terrific Tiny Tennis

    SPECIAL SERVICE, ONLY 2-6 PLAYERS PER COURT! Children play FUN activities and games on the "42 ft. court" with low compression tennis balls. Lessons are designed to enhance their athletic and skill development in a success oriented environment. We recommend the 21" to 23" rackets.

    Equipment Note for ALL Whitlinger/Sarsfield Tennis classes: Bring a racquet to all classes!

    Rain Policy: In case of rain, contact Recreation & Community Services at 947-2790 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, within an hour before scheduled starting time for class status. For evening or weekend classes, check with the instructor at the court. If at any time the instructor is absent, report to the next scheduled lesson for make-up date.
    No postponement announcement will be initiated by the instructor or Recreation & Community Services Department.

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    Add to Cart210902-01Tennis TTT09/22/20 - 10/15/20 3:20PM - 4:00PMTu, ThItem Details
    Add to Cart210902-02Tennis TTT10/27/20 - 11/19/20 3:20PM - 4:00PMTu, ThItem Details

    210923 - Coach Ken's Soccer: 4-5yrs

    Young players are introduced to soccer in a positive environment and they eventually play the real game. They learn FUNdamental touches and moves. They enjoy running through "the obstacle course" of speed ladders, hurdles and flags, which builds their coordination, speed and stamina.

    Equipment Note for ALL Coach Kenís classes: Shin guards are mandatory; water and sunscreen recommended.

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    Add to Cart210923-01Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/21/20 - 11/30/2012:00PM - 1:30PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-02Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/22/20 - 12/01/2012:00PM - 1:30PMTuItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-03Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/23/20 - 12/02/2012:00PM - 1:30PMWItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-04Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/24/20 - 12/03/2012:00PM - 1:30PMThItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-05Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/25/20 - 12/04/2012:00PM - 1:30PMFItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-06Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/27/20 - 12/06/2010:00AM - 11:30AMSuItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-07Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/21/20 - 11/30/20 4:00PM - 5:30PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-08Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/22/20 - 12/01/20 4:00PM - 5:30PMTuItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-09Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/23/20 - 12/02/20 4:00PM - 5:30PMWItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-10Coach Ken Soccer 4-509/24/20 - 12/03/20 4:00PM - 5:30PMThItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-11CoachKen Soccer 4-509/25/20 - 12/04/20 4:00PM - 5:30PMFItem Details
    Add to Cart210923-12CoachKen Soccer 4-509/27/20 - 12/06/20 4:00PM - 5:30PMSuItem Details

    210930 - Coach Ken Soccer Holiday Camp

    We emphasize ball control and acquiring movement on and off the ball. Kids learn to use all foot surfaces, plus basic fakes and moves to get around opponents. We use 1-vs-1 matches, and conclude daily with a scrimmage.

    Equipment Note for ALL Coach Kenís classes: Shin guards are mandatory; water and sunscreen recommended.

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    Add to Cart210930-01CoachKen Soc Holiday11/23/20 - 11/27/20 9:00AM - 1:00PMM-FItem Details
    Add to Cart210930-02CoachKen Soc Holiday12/21/20 - 12/25/20 9:00AM - 1:00PMM-FItem Details
    Add to Cart210930-03CoachKen Soc Holiday12/28/20 - 01/01/21 9:00AM - 1:00PMM-FItem Details
    Add to Cart210930-04CoachKen Soc Holiday01/04/21 - 01/08/21 9:00AM - 1:00PMM-FItem Details
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