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    223200 - Skyhawks Online Soccer

    Whether you are looking to sharpen your skills or learn the game for the first time, Skyhawks virtual soccer camp is a great way to stay active and have fun with soccer. This fast-paced, engaging program provides the perfect mix of game-based exercises and skill practice to promote agility and improve fundamental soccer skills. Ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting movements are the focus and all activities are designed to be performed in the home or backyard. Stay active with Skyhawks soccer!

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    Add to Cart223200-01Soccer Skills09/23/20 - 10/21/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMWItem Details
    Add to Cart223200-02Soccer Skills09/25/20 - 10/23/2012:00PM - 12:45PMFItem Details
    Add to Cart223200-03Soccer Skills11/04/20 - 12/09/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMWItem Details
    Add to Cart223200-04Soccer Skills11/06/20 - 12/11/2012:00PM - 12:45PMFItem Details

    223201 - Skyhawks Online Basketball

    This engaging, skill?based program is designed to keep kids active with a blend of basketball instruction and physical education. Presented by top Skyhawks coaches, boys and girls will improve several fundamental basketball skills including ball handling, dribbling, body positioning and shooting. Participants will come away with new ways to practice the game, excited for their next step in basketball. All activities are designed for the home with a goal of promoting a love for an active lifestyle!

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    Add to Cart223201-13Basketball Skills09/21/20 - 10/19/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart223201-14Basketball Skills09/24/20 - 10/22/2012:00PM - 12:45PMThItem Details
    Add to Cart223201-15Basketball Skills11/02/20 - 12/07/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart223201-16Basketball Skills11/05/20 - 12/10/2012:00PM - 12:45PMThItem Details

    223202 - Skyhawks Online PhysEd Fun

    Skyhawks is proud to present an engaging, game-based physical education program designed for the home. With passionate instructors at the program’s core, this class will offer children a wide variety of activities that involve locomotor, non-locomotor, manipulative skills and fitness development exercises. Our goal for the program is to build self-confidence, body awareness and a passion for an active lifestyle in each participant.

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    Add to Cart223202-27PhysEd Fun09/21/20 - 10/19/20 2:30PM - 3:15PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart223202-28PhysEd Fun09/22/20 - 10/20/2012:00PM - 12:45PMTuItem Details
    Add to Cart223202-29PhysEd Fun09/24/20 - 10/22/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMThItem Details
    Add to Cart223202-30PhysEd Fun11/02/20 - 12/07/20 2:30PM - 3:15PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart223202-31PhysEd Fun11/03/20 - 12/08/2012:00PM - 12:45PMTuItem Details
    Add to Cart223202-32PhysEd Fun11/05/20 - 12/10/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMThItem Details

    223204 - Skyhawks Online STEM MultiSprt

    Skyhawks is excited to offer a module-based, virtual class that explores the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math behind the sports of Soccer and Basketball. Our expert instructors will tie each module back into the sport with skill instruction to instill curiosity and a passion for learning in each child. Subjects vary by sport, but include ball design, calculating distances and angles, velocity, acceleration and more! Skyhawks puts the Sports in STEM!

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    Add to Cart223204-43STEM Multi-Sport09/23/20 - 10/21/20 1:00PM - 1:45PMWItem Details
    Add to Cart223204-44STEM Multi-Sport11/04/20 - 12/09/20 1:00PM - 1:45PMWItem Details
    Add to Cart223204-45STEM Multi-Sport09/22/20 - 10/20/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMTuItem Details
    Add to Cart223204-46STEM Multi-Sport09/25/20 - 10/23/20 1:00PM - 1:45PMFItem Details
    Add to Cart223204-47STEM Multi-Sport11/03/20 - 12/08/20 4:00PM - 4:45PMTuItem Details
    Add to Cart223204-48STEM Multi-Sport11/06/20 - 12/11/20 1:00PM - 1:45PMFItem Details

    223206 - Skyhawks Online Esports

    It’s game time! This new program combines a high energy, game-based physical education program with a unique and exciting gaming experience. With our passionate instructors at the core, this program will engage your child in fun activities that develop the fundamental movement skills needed to play a wide variety of sports. As a free add-on, our partners at Nimbus Esports Academy will challenge your child’s mind with a skill-based Rocket League® program. Participants will work through customized drills, play in teams and compete in friendly competition. This exciting class promotes sportsmanship and teamwork in an immersive digital environment, while providing a positive outlet through physical activity. *No game purchase necessary
    Please Note – Zoom video link will be emailed to you prior to the session.
    What to prepare for the Esports portion of the program: Rocket League will be played via the Steam marketplace application. Campers must download this application and the Rocket League game to their PC prior to the start of the program.
    Download links and individual login credentials will be emailed to each participant at least one day before the camp begins. PC with a minimum of 20 GB of free hard drive space required for Rocket League download. Game controller (Xbox or PS4) optional.
    Note – Campers are permitted to play using their own Xbox, PS4 or Nintendo Switch gaming consoles, but must purchase the Rocket League game separately (if not already owned).
    Here is a list of equipment/materials you will need for the Play portion of the program:

    Beach Towel or Blanket

    Water Bottle

    Tall Cones (approx. 10) – Alternatives include water bottles, cups or building blocks

    Flat Cones (approx. 10) – Alternatives include plastic bowls, small pillows or folder towel/clothes

    Flat Spot – Alternatives include paper plate, shirt, piece of paper or a magazine

    Sport or Playground Ball – Can range in size from a basketball to a tennis ball

    Tennis Balls (3) – Alternatives include any ball similar in size or some rolled up socks

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    Add to Cart223206-55Esports&Play: Rocket09/21/20 - 10/19/20 1:30PM - 3:15PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart223206-56Esports&Play: Rocket11/02/20 - 12/07/20 1:30PM - 3:15PMMItem Details
    Add to Cart223206-57Esports&Play: Fortni09/24/20 - 10/22/20 4:00PM - 5:45PMThItem Details
    Add to Cart223206-58Esports&Play: Fortni11/05/20 - 12/10/20 4:00PM - 5:45PMThItem Details

    223208 - Skyhawks Online HoopsterTots

    Learning basketball has never been more fun! This virtual HoopsterTots class brings our best games and lessons into your living room, ensuring an enriching and active experience for your child. Featuring only our best instructors, kids will have a blast and parents will come away with some great new activities to play with the family. Expect dynamic warm-up's, stretching best practices, fun games and some life skills along the way.

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    Add to Cart223208-64HoopsterTots Home09/21/20 - 10/19/2012:00PM - 12:45PMMItem Details
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